Dork Diaries book Review 1st Book

Dork Diaries book Review 1st Book

Dork Diaries review

Welcome to I read this book from 1 and still reading and collecting the rest of them. This book series is The Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell. Beautiful book about the middle school years.

The middle school years can be so awkward for girls. They are nearly teenagers, so they’d be in their Tweens. Not quite small children, yet not full teens either. You will get the feel of this world from reading The Dork Diaries quite well. Oddly, for a 44-year-old woman, I still loved this series. It starts out so nicely with a hint of that awkwardness revisited upon reading. Good Times!

The coolest thing about this genre of book is there are also pre-teen scribble-like drawings of situations that the star feels like she is in. One that got me laughing was the girl wrapped up in a spider cocoon on a spider web with the big spider nearby. I cried from laughing over this drawing. This was so awesome to see, as it WAS funny!

It reminded me of many girls’ experiences both at home and at school. It also showed a general setting of a kid sister and an older sister in a regular home and school setting. I really loved the common feeling in general of this nearly ready to come of age setup of the series.

I have yet to read more, and as I do, I will add more to the series reviews.


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